£65,000 of improvements will see Gorleston street closed for six weeks

A road sign

Clare Avenue in Gorleston will be closed to all traffic for six weeks from May 23. - Credit: James Weeds

Road works on a Gorleston street will be carried out for six weeks leading to it being closed to traffic.

From May 23, Clare Avenue is expected to be closed to all through traffic while £65,000 of improvements are made to pavements.

The work will involve the removal of existing slabs and then a new level asphalt surface being put in their place. Damaged kerbs and edgings will also be replaced.

The works will extend from the junction with Wadham Road to St Hugh's Green.

Norfolk County Council said the works are expected to take six weeks to complete.

A spokesperson said: "A diversion route will be in place during the works and we will tell emergency services about the works in case they need access for their vehicles.

"There may be some short delays to vehicle access to properties while work takes place in front of driveways. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times."

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The works will be completed along Clare Avenue in phases, meaning vehicular access to properties will need to be made from the whichever end is not being worked on at that time.

A road sign

£65,000 of improvements will be made to the pavements along Clare Avenue in Gorleston from May 23. - Credit: James Weeds