Harbour, Yare, or Kevin? Public name suggestions flood in for new bridge

Great Yarmouth's Third River Crossing as of June 1 2022

Latest pictures of Great Yarmouth's as yet unnamed third river crossing taking shape on June 1. - Credit: Simon Carter

A trawl for names for Great Yarmouth's new £120m third river crossing has netted dozens of suggestions - from the sensible to the silly.

Norfolk County Council is looking to the public to come up with ideas.

These will be whittled down to a shortlist set to be decided by an expert panel to avoid something controversial coming up trumps.

Suggestions coming forward so far via Facebook include 'Bridgey McBridge Face', 'Kevin Bridge', 'Roger', and 'Gary'.

Great Yarmouth's Third River Crossing as of June 1 2022

What to call Great Yarmouth's new third river crossing opening in March 2023? Readers have come up with a raft of suggestions. Drone picture shows construction as of June 1, 2022. - Credit: Simon Carter

Others put forward a name criticising the pace of improving infrastructure around the town like 'Consolation Bridge', and 'Thirty Years Too Late Bridge'.

Some went for jubilee-themed names such as 'Elizabeth Bridge' and 'Jubilee Bridge'.

And there has also been a good number tipping their hat towards Norfolk's greatest seafaring strategist Admiral Lord Nelson with 'Nelson Bridge'.

Meanwhile, it emerged that whatever it was officially called people would have their own name for it.

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Breydon Bridge for some is 'Asda Bridge', with the third crossing always going to be 'Southtown Bridge',  'the New New Bridge' or 'the Third Bridge' for others - the 1985-built Breydon Bridge still being known as 'the New Bridge' to many.

Great Yarmouth's Third River Crossing as of June 1 2022

Great Yarmouth's third river crossing spanning the River Yare is due to open in March 2023 and needs a name. Picture shows construction as of June 1, 2022. - Credit: Simon Carter

Harbour Bridge, Ferry Bridge, and Yare Bridge have also been put forward as worthy contenders.

Honorary alderman Mick Castle of Town Wall Road, Yarmouth, writing to this newspaper, said the New Harbour Bridge would be the ideal name "because essentially that's what is."

He said: "Whether it is for port or industrial traffic or the millions of holiday makers who visit the town each year it is better to name the bridge in a matter-of-fact manner rather than choose a name which isn't true to the actual geography."

The third river crossing is described as "the crowning jewel" of over £200m investment in the town over the last three years. 

The project is now in its 18th month of construction and on course to open within budget.

Lowestoft's new crossing was named the Gull Wing before construction started after pupils from Somerleyton Primary School came up with the winning name in a competition, beating 21 other entries.

The council is asking any individual, family, community group or school that can think of a symbolic name with a story behind it to send their suggestions and contact information to gy3rc@norfolk.gov.uk or gy3rc@bamfarrans.com.