Tragic owl gets stuck in mud in Breydon and drowns

Picture of a short-eared owl

Picture of a short-eared owl - Credit:

An owl enthusiast rushed out to Breydon Water after hearing that one was stuck in mud, but once he got there, the owl had already drowned.

A short-eared owl was reported to be sitting in mud near Herbert Barnes car park looking very bedraggled on Monday morning.

David Gook, who owns about 30 birds of prey and runs the Hawking Experience, went down to Breydon Water as soon as he heard of the owl’s difficulties.

Mr Gook, said: “I got there and spoke to a bird watcher who saw the owl from a distance and said that it was in an extremely bad condition.

“It had been attacked by a flock of seagulls and unfortunately it was in such a bad state that it could not get out of the mud - it is incredibly sad.”