Tribute to town's very own Lambretta-riding 'call the midwife'

Cynthia Boyd in the early 1960s.

Cynthia Boyd in her classic uniform around 1963. - Credit: Glenis Townsend

A family has paid tribute to a Great Yarmouth woman who was the town's very own "call the midwife".

Cynthia Pauline Boyd, nee Littlewood, died of complications from brain cancer on Saturday, June 12. She was 83 years old.

Mrs Boyd served as a midwife in Great Yarmouth for over five decades, helping to deliver thousands of the town's residents.

In her younger years, Mrs Boyd worked at Palmers and volunteered with St John's Ambulance as a driver until she was 21.

Mrs Boyd then moved to London, beginning nursing training at Lambeth Hospital.

Cynthia Boyd's St John's Ambulance First Aid Book, published in 1953.

Cynthia Boyd's St John's Ambulance First Aid Book, published in 1953. - Credit: James Weeds

After three years, she became an SRN, then obtained her midwifery qualification after a further two years of experience.

Glenis Townsend, Mrs Boyd's sister, said: "I can remember my father drove us to London on several occasions to see Cynthia. She would be sleeping on the floor of the nurses' room."

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The midwife returned to her family home on King Street in 1964 and initially served in the district, visiting patients on her pushbike.

In the following years, Mrs Boyd upgraded to a Lambretta before taking an in-house position at Great Yarmouth General Hospital.

Mrs Boyd was also a midwife - delivering children with her "heart and soul" - at Northgate Hospital and James Paget Hospital.

At the James Paget, Mrs Boyd was promoted to sister and served as the maternity suite's ward lead until she retired in the early 2000s.

Cynthia Boyd

Cynthia Boyd with a strawberry cake. - Credit: Glenis Townsend

Mrs Townsend said of her sister: "She was like a mum to me.

"She was like a mother to everyone, really.

"When she lived on Arundel Road, Sturdee Avenue and Links Avenue in Caister, she would often tend to the people round there if ever they needed medical help or advice.

"She was such a lovely lady."

Mrs Boyd leaves her sister Glenis Townsend, her son Ian, her great-nephew Matthew, and her two grandchildren Eva and Sid.

A ceremony in honour of Mrs Boyd is being arranged by her son, Ian.

The ceremony will be by invitation only and will be confirmed on July19. For more information, please email