Tributes paid to Freethorpe man

THE funeral service for Andrew Nicholls - known to his friends as Andas - held at Freethorpe Methodist Church, on Friday, was conducted by Rev Heather Sorrell and tributes were paid by Richard Church and David Grint.

THE funeral service for Andrew Nicholls - known to his friends as Andas - held at Freethorpe Methodist Church, on Friday, was conducted by Rev Heather Sorrell and tributes were paid by Richard Church and David Grint.

It was standing room only as crowds of relatives and friends flocked to attend, but some could not get into the church and had to stand outside in the churchyard.

Andrew, who died at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge on May 23, was aged 30.

He had lived in the village all of his life and was very well-known especially in sporting circles and will be greatly missed.

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Family mourners were: Sandra and Tony Nicholls (parents), Beverley and Melanie Nicholls (sisters), Mark Bell, Trevor Allum, Margaret Nicholls, Charles Carter, Neil and Cheryl Nicholls, Mark Nicholls, Lauren Williamson, Daniel Taylor, Josie Curtis, Alan Curtis, Liz Curtis, Ann Moughton, Arthur Moughton, Nigel Curtis, Jean Curtis, Danny Curtis, Joy Brown, Alec Brown, Michelle Webb, Glenn Webb.

Among others present were: Jill and Stephen Patterson, Nikki Patterson, David Normington, Owen and David Aitchison, Jason Brister, Jodie Brighten, Janet and John Cullingford, Margaret and Graham Allcock, Colin, Pauline, Stephen, Indira, Shaun, Anita and Gordon Goodson, Noreen Sparkes, Pat Howard, Gill London, Nick Budd, Tom Notley, Imogen Budd, Peggy Aitchison, Tony Burton, Dean Pentney, Julie Wakeham, Anita Cracknell, Patricia and John Cater, Mick Patterson (also representing Margaret and Frank Patterson), Gail Smith, Jonathan Abel, Mark Smith, Jackie West, Marcus Smith, Rachel Macey, Polly Smith, Irene Tibbenham (Tony Tibbenham), Cathy and David Ward, Adrian, Freda and Ashley Smith, Lynn Marshall, Glen Sharman, Joan Smith, Jenny Mallett, Mandy and Graham Morris, Shaun Howley, Rhys Megrath, Justin Brown, David Smith, Jeanette Bedding, Janine Dooley, Keith Yaxley, Steve Simpson, Joanna Stone, Robbie and Patience Smith, Kayley Errington (Michelle Smith), Angela and Michael Roe, Adrian Ditcham, Jason Cooper, Malcolm Forder (Jennifer Forder), Rita Wilson, Lynsey Boulton, David Grint, Pauline Ash, Brian Yaxley, Greta and Arnold Brown, Alan and Louise Cullingford, Craig Sharman, Katie Abel, Haley Jenkins, Linda Turner (crew), Pam Mayes, Poppy Nicholls, Hayley and David Crowe, Anna and Tim Meale, John and Lynda Boyle, Peter and Kerrie Mayes, Peggy and Bob Francis, Jo Francis, Trevor Brown, Helen Paterson, James Fiddy, Michael Edwards, Gail Conquest, Melanie Morris, Simon Main, Darren Rix, Rachael Sheldricer, Daniel Pentney, Tim Burton, Jo Wymer, Kelly Crowe, Emma Abel, Steve Oakley, Emma Kane, Greg Aitchison, Hayley Nelson, Wayne and Alan Gibbs, Richard Brown, Lewis Evans, Mick Mayes, Tom and Linda Aitchison, Scott and Janine Aitchison, Elaine and Rebecca Gowing, Matthew and Debbie Aitchison, Samantha, Catherine, David and John Cullingford, Steven and Kim Russell, Geoffrey Forder, Mr and Mrs M Sharman, Paul Moore, Ian Goodwin (David and Denise Goodwin), David Pentney (Pentney family), Lynne and Martin Yaxley, Ruth Bacon (Paul Bacon), Susan Linley, Claire, Stephen and Sarah High, Natalie Crowe, Jackie O'Gorman, Becky and Rachael Key, Debbie Key, Mark Horsley, Glen Sharman, Beverley Ling, William and Teresa McMartin (Ashley Marsh and family), Lewis High, Kevin Hannant, Adam Bedding, Wayne Brister, Donovan Brister, June Dunstan (Halvergate Social darts team), Phil Simpson, Jane Howley (Peter Howley), Bob and Sue Simpson, Simon Burns, Ken Taylor, Lavon Mills, Frank Fransham, Mike Harris, Wayne Yaxley, Heidi Lanthbury, Conrad Brister, Richard Church, Janet Church (Freethorpe Village Hall and playing field committee), Marian and Len Pentney (Darren Pentney), Karen Goodwin, Tina and Philip Walker, Gillian and Tim Brown, Edward Bass, Barry Payne, Sue and Seamus O'Holloran, Kevin Grint, Richard Jermy, Michelle and Mark Fish, Jill Pipe (Steve and also Freethorpe Sports and Social Club), Wendy and Evan Gitsham, Peter Fisher, Paul and Margaret Mynett, Tara Blake, Keith Allum, Sarah Aitchison, Michelle Bennett, Joy Brock, Edith and Geoffrey Moll.

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