Police called as teenagers climb on top of old department store

Two boys on Palmers roof.

Two boys were seen on Palmers roof on Saturday, July 3. - Credit: James Weeds

Police were called after two teenagers were seen on top of the roof of the old Palmers department store in Great Yarmouth.

At roughly 4.35pm on Saturday, two boys were seen climbing on top of the former Palmers department store roof with no harnesses or safety equipment.

The boys climbed along the roof of the department store before jumping to the dome of the building.

In between climbing, they were throwing fire crackers down to the street below.

They were on the roof for about five minutes. Police were called.

The former department store - which had been used by Palmers since 1837 - has been vacant since March 2020.

Plans to repurpose the unit as a new University campus and library were announced in December 2020.