UKIP members in heated row after “wife stripper” comment

Chris Walch has left Ukip. Picture: James Bass

Chris Walch has left Ukip. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2014

A war of words has erupted between two UKIP members from Norfolk during a radio interview.

UKIP’s home affairs spokesman David Moreland called the Great Yarmouth branch a “disgrace” after the borough’s only UKIP councillor accused him of calling his wife a stripper.

The row was captured on a recording by a BBC Radio Norfolk reporter, who was interviewing Great Yarmouth’s last remaining UKIP councillor Chris Walch about local election results.

Mr Walch broke off from the interview at his photographic shop when UKIP home affairs spokesman David Moreland walked in.

The pair were then heard arguing, with Mr Walch telling Mr Moreland: “You upset my missus.”

Mr Moreland, who lives near Norwich, said the Great Yarmouth Ukip branch was a “disgrace”.

Seven of 12 Great Yarmouth Borough Council UKIP councillors defected to the Conservative Party last October, and after the May 4 elections Mr Walch was the only remaining UKIP councillor.

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Asked if he had made the alleged stripper comment on a previous occasion, Mr Moreland told the Press Association: “That’s ridiculous.”

The former policeman said he had not met Mr Walch before, and happened upon the interview taking place when he went into the shop as he had “some old Army photographs that have been damaged”.

“He started ranting and raving like a lunatic saying I thought his wife looked like a stripper,” said Mr Moreland. “I said ‘shut up’. I was defending myself, basically.”

He said he had been out shopping with his wife and mother-in-law, adding: “As far as I’m concerned I did nothing wrong.”

Mr Moreland said there had been “a lot of infighting” within the town’s UKIP branch.

“A lot of the guys were brilliant, but some of them left and joined the Conservative Party and it never picked up again, but across the country Ukip are doing extremely well,” he said.

Mr Walch said Mr Moreland had “butted in into the interview”, and that he did not want to be interviewed alongside him as he claimed he insulted his wife on a previous occasion.

“It’s a shame it’s happened,” said Mr Walch. “It wasn’t anything to do with the politics side, it was the personal side.”