Couple win £360 after unborn son predicts England football score

Ultrasound scan Norfolk

Johnny Howell and Alice Morling with the ultrasound scan of their unborn baby showing two fingers. - Credit: EAST ANGLIA NEWS SERVICE/ARCHANT

A mum and dad-to-be reckon England will storm to a 2-0 win against Ukraine on Saturday - because their unborn son told them in an ultrasound scan.

Johnny Howell and Alice Morling, Norfolk

Nappy days...Johnny Howell and Alice Morling believe their unborn baby is predicting the England football score. - Credit: EAST ANGLIA NEWS SERVICE

Johnny Howell, 30, and partner Alice Morling, 25, from Bradwell, got a surprise £360 windfall after seeing their unborn son, due in November, clearly showing two fingers.

Johnny Howell and Alice Morling baby scan Norfolk

Johnny Howell and Alice Morling with the picture of the baby scan. - Credit: EAST ANGLIA NEWS SERVICE

Mr Howell, a gas engineer, saw the sign and put down £30 for England to win 2-0 at 12-1 on Tuesday for the game against Germany - and was delighted when the result came in.

Johnny Howell and Alice Morling Norfolk

Johnny Howell and Alice Morling - Credit: EAST ANGLIA NEWS SERVICE

The couple haven't been able to book in another ultrasound scan before Saturday's game - but are going to be placing the same bet, believing their baby has got the score right for the quarter finals against Ukraine.

It comes as football fans across the nation eagerly await Saturday night's match, with pubs around Norfolk showing the game which kicks off at 8pm.

Ms Morling, who works as a receptionist, said: "We haven't chosen a name yet for our baby. My partner did say we should book another scan but unfortunately we can't. My partner did say he may stick with the 2-0 prediction for the rest of the Euros.

"I think he's doing the same bet if he can."

Ultrasound scan Norfolk

A clear sign? The ultrasound scan showing two fingers - which came to be true for England's game on Tuesday. Can this unborn baby prove right for Saturday? - Credit: EAST ANGLIA NEWS SERVICE

Mr Howell said: "It is just incredible that my boy came up with the right result.

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“It’s a shame that he didn’t put up four fingers and a thumb to predict five goals.”

He went for the scan with fiancee Ms Morling, 25, in Gorleston on Tuesday, before Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling's goals brought victory for the England team.

Ultrasound scan Norfolk

The ultrasound scan showing the unborn baby holding up two fingers. - Credit: EAST ANGLIA NEWS SERVICE

Mr Howell said: “The sonographer said the fingers were a peace sign.

"But it dawned on me that he may have been predicting a 2-0 England victory.”

Ms Morling said: “The second goal came and I thought: ‘are you joking?’ ”

The couple, whose baby is due in November, are spending the win on baby equipment.

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