Used needles horror in Yarmouth car park

A DISTURBING find of used syringes was made in a Great Yarmouth car park, hinting at heroin use near to a busy shopping street.

More than half a dozen needles - one of which appeared to contain human blood - were reported to environmental health officers in a private car park accessed off the car park behind King Street, on Monday morning.

Sliced lemons and a plastic lemon juice container were scattered beside the syringes. The citrus juice is commonly used to dissolve heroin before injection.

Officers removed the needles, which posed a real risk of HIV infection to anyone who came into contact with them.

Kate Watts, environmental health service manager, said: “The council takes the issue of used needles very seriously due to the associated health implications, in particular if any needles have been dumped in an area of public access.

“We aim to respond to such complaints by collecting and disposing of the needles safely and as a priority.”

Ms Watts added syringes were not found regularly throughout the year, but incidents tend to come in clusters.

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“Often the dumping of needles runs in cycles with periods of time where high numbers are found in specific areas,” she explained. “If this is the case the council will work to resolve this antisocial issue, often with partners such as the police to find a longer term solution.”

If residents have a query or concern regarding used needles, or wish to report dumped needles, call Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s environmental health team directly on 01493 846478.