Vandals force knitters to remove 22 yarn bombs from village

Yarn bomb attacked in Hopton

Before and after pictures of a yarn bomb in Hopton which has been attacked by vandals. - Credit: HOS Yarnbombers

A seaside village is set to be blitzed by random acts of crochet kindness in response to vandals who attacked a display of yarn bombing.

Vandals targeted knitted creations in Hopton, snipping Easter bunnies from their plinths and making off with magnificent tree wraps.

Yarn bomb stolen in Hopton

One of the tree wraps that has been stolen in Hopton. - Credit: HOS Yarn bombers

The attacks have lead to the guerrilla group of undercover yarn bombers taking down all 22 of their bombs for their own protection.

Among those needing to be closely guarded was the knitted Prince Philip tribute, which is due to be auctioned off for charity.

Prince Philip tribute in Hopton

Sporting his best best Naval finery this knitted tribute to Prince Philip in Hopton is drawing wide applause. - Credit: Jane Tebbutt

Coming on the day of the Duke's funeral made it all the more hard to take, the group's anonymous leader said, adding that the theft of two tree wraps by the church each proclaiming Peace and Joy had hit everyone hard.

Crochet tree wraps stolen

The two crochet tree wraps at the entrance to Hopton church that have been stolen. - Credit: HOS Yarn bombers

"It really was so disappointing," she said.

"It has made us all just really anxious, but we have got to carry on because it means so much."

Hopton on Sea yarn bombers

Hopton yarn bombers are keen to stress there is no need to steal the displays as they take on private commissions for charity, like this one made from one of the Valentine's bombs. - Credit: HOS Yarn bombers

She was also keen to stress that anyone who wanted one of the bombs could put in a bid or order a commission for themselves, with all the proceeds going to charity.

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However, as a group whose main aim was to spread joy, the spokesman said they were hitting back with kindness.

Random acts of kindness after yarn bombing vandalism

Hopton is set to be blitzed by random acts of crochet kindness in response to vandals who attacked a display of yarn bombing. - Credit: HOS Yarn bombers

The bombs that had been taken down have been washed and various embellishments removed and hidden around the village for people to find.

Following the vandal attack some 50 knitted surprises have been bagged up with good wishes and will be dotted around the village in a bid to ensure some joy came from the destruction.

Random act of crochet kindness Hopton

A crochet bunny from one of the knitted Easter displays that had to be taken down is among a random act of crochet kindness waiting to be found in Hopton. - Credit: HOS Yarn bombers

Random acts of crochet kindness in Hopton

A little knitted chick has been washed and packaged ready to spread kindness in Hopton. - Credit: HOS Yarn bombers

A large display on the BT box near the White Hart pub had borne the brunt of the vandalism with all its knitted bunnies snipped off.

Yarn bomb attacked Hopton

The Easter yarn bomb near the White Hart pub in Hopton before the knitted animals were cut off. - Credit: HOS Yarnbombers

On the whole however the yarn bombers  had been wonderfully well-supported with people saying how much they enjoyed seeing the colourful creations, and a wool-bin at the Co-op receiving many generous donations.

The group has vowed to carry on with all its future knitting plans including a display around the Captain Tom 100 challenge and also for the NARS.

Bids for the Prince Philip bomb can be placed here.

Hopton on Sea Yarm Bombers raise money for their chosen charities Papyrus young persons' suicide awareness, RSPCA East Norfolk Branch, Norfolk Accident Rescue (NARS) and the Captain Tom Foundation.