Historic Yarmouth murder features in BBC TV show

Jeremy Dein and Sasha Wass.

Top criminal barristers Jeremy Dein and Sasha Wass reinvestigate a historical case from Great Yarmouth's past. - Credit: BBC

A murder from Great Yarmouth's past is the subject of an episode of a BBC television series.

In series five, episode four of Murder, Mystery and My Family on BBC iPlayer, top criminal barristers Jeremy Dein QC and Sasha Wass QC reinvestigate a murder case from Victorian Great Yarmouth which featured four prime suspects, two trials and one man being hanged.

Harriet Candler, a shopkeeper, was murdered in her home down one of the rows on Tuesday, November 19, 1844.

Samuel Yarham, Ms Candler's neighbour, was charged for her murder and hanged in 1846.

In the episode of Murder, Mystery and My Family, Mr Yarham's descendant reinvestigates the case as when she was studying her family tree, the evidence against Mr Yarham did not seem sufficient.

The episode features information on Great Yarmouth's history, from local names to the town's battery.

The episode originally aired on BBC One on Friday, and is available on BBC iPlayer for 28 days.