Video: Baby dragon emerges from Gorleston school’s mystery egg

The news team from Wroughton infant school investigate the arrival of a giant egg in the school play

The news team from Wroughton infant school investigate the arrival of a giant egg in the school playground. - Credit: Nick Butcher

The mystery egg laid in a nest in a Gorleston school playground has finally hatched – and the excited children watched a time-lapsed video of the creature emerging.

It is thought the peace and quiet of the half-term break allowed the creature to finally grow stronger.

Luckily, a teacher had thought this would happen and he set up a video camera to catch the moment when the beautiful white dragon made its way into the world.

Deputy head of Wroughton Infant School, Jennie Muller, said: “We watched in excitement and amazement, but we are not sure if it is a girl or a boy.

“Thanks to the interest from the Great Yarmouth Mercury we have been lucky enough to hear from evolutionary biologist and TV presenter Ben Garrod. Unfortunately he was unable to visit as he’s been incredibly busy with his research.

“But before he left he sent us a video message, helping us to think about what the egg could be.”

The children are now going to get in touch with Ben and the inspector from the Museum for Strange Objects, for advice on caring for the dragon.

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The egg and nest had appeared in the playground several weeks ago and was a hot topic among the youngsters and their parents.

However, it now appears Wroughton isn’t the only school to have a “baby” to look after – a letter from Wild in Art estimated that nearly 100 baby dragons have emerged across Norfolk – and even some large dragons.

The team at Wild in Art holding a parade for the dragons which they will call GoGo dragons and Wroughton pupils have agreed to enter their dragon so they need to get busy decorating it ready to take part in May.

Jennie Muller added: “We would like to thank everyone for their interest and advice so far, we will continue to keep you informed of the dragon’s progress. If any other schools are in the same position as us we will happily put them in touch with the relevant people.”