VIDEO: Meet Bruce the baby micro-pig who grew and grew...

WHEN Lisa Platten’s husband bought her an adorable baby micro pig for Christmas, she never dreamed he would grow to be the 4ft-long pot bellied beast he is today.

Bruce, who also stands at 2.6ft tall, has not stopped growing since he was born in September 2010.

A fully grown micro pig should weigh up to 65lbs and stand at around 14ins tall.

Lisa and Andrew Platten, who live in Paget Crescent, Gorleston, with their three children Adam, 18, Shane, 17, and 11-year-old Summer, brought Bruce home in November 2010.

Housewife Lisa said: “All the showbiz stars were buying micro pigs.”

But she added: “We’re not angry we were not sold a micro-pig. The person who sold him to us was a really nice lady so we haven’t complained.

“Bruce was tiny when we got him and I thought he would grow to be the size of a Jack Russell dog.”

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But over the months, and when Bruce’s true identity was revealed, the family had to get a Defra licence to keep him.

Lisa explained: “When he was a baby I got him to the vets in a cage, but now I can’t get him to the vets.”

She said there was no way that she and Andrew, even with the children helping, would be able to get him into their normal size family car for the journey.

Bruce has a balanced diet of pig pellets and carrots and fruit as a treat.

He loves squeaky toys and being brushed but he hates loud noises and the sound of the vacuum cleaner. He also hates it when helicopters fly over the house.

And Bruce has even been adopted by the family’s two dogs - Chihuahua Honey and Jack Russell cross Fudge, and cat Abbey.

Lisa said: “They love him, they go outside and look at him. Our children love him but they think I am crazy.

Bruce has the run of the downstairs area of the house and settles down on an evening while the family is watching TV.

But it does get a bit awkward when he decides he wants to sit on someone’s lap - it’s no mean feat trying to convince a pot bellied pig he’s just that little bit too big.

He has his own space too, when he just wants to be alone - Andrew has built a conservatory for him to call his own; and at night he has a shed in the garden - with lots of straw to keep him snug and warm.

Lisa added: “When we first got him we put him in the garden and when I looked out the next day he had nearly uprooted it all.

“We have never had an accident in the house though.”