Villagers left reeling by orgies

Dominic Bareham RAVERS left behind a trail of broken beer bottles and even knickers, after shattering the peace and tranquility of a seaside village for a weekend of orgies.

Dominic Bareham

RAVERS left behind a trail of broken beer bottles and even knickers, after shattering the peace and tranquility of a seaside village for a weekend of orgies.

Caister residents found 16 pairs of knickers strewn along a footpath beside Manor Road on Monday and reported seeing some of the 150 revellers having sex in their cars as the party, which began at midday last Saturday, reached a crescendo on Sunday evening.

And holidaymakers hoping for a quiet couple of weeks while staying at Elm Beach and Eastern Beach Caravan Parks literally had a rude awakening as loud dance music shook their beds and rattled doors and kitchen utensils.

The riotous party, which took place on a beach area - backed onto by the Never Turn Back pub - shocked Caister Parish Council chairman Tony Overill.

He said: “This type of thing does not go on in a civilised society. It is not on. Apparently, the council's cleaner refused to clean up following the rave.”

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And the manager at the Elm Beach park believed some of the revellers had taken drugs after discovering a group of them smoking something that “did not smell like tobacco smoke” from a pipe which they passed between them on the beach. Terry Bolger, who was walking his dog at the time, said his customers had reported seeing another group snorting something from a frying pan.

Another villager, who did not wish to be named, said he watched events throughout Sunday night after being woken by the party, which did not end until 7pm on Sunday. He found some of the underwear on Monday.

The Eastern Avenue resident said: “I remember it well because I was out there all night long. There were cars parked along both sides of Manor Road and dozens of people staggering about drunk. There was a horrendous noise - it was nothing but a rave.

“The whole area was infested with these idiots. Some of them were trying to climb a fence into the home of a blind pensioner.”

Mr Bolger said he had to pacify a number of his irate customers who had wanted to leave on Sunday morning just days into a holiday that should have lasted a couple of weeks.

Some of them complained they heard the partygoers throwing bottles against a fence just three metres away from their caravan, though none of the bottles had come over into the park.

He said as he walked along the beach he could see stacks of speakers had been erected outdoors behind the pub near the park's fence to pump out the thumping bass music.

Norma Bolger, the bookings manager at Elm Beach, said she had never known anything like it in the 18 years she had been working at the caravan park.

She added: “Some of our customers have been coming here for years and they were saying they were not going to be coming back again and that is going to affect our business. We advertise a quiet park and we do not expect people to come down here and be disturbed.”

Staff at the park have distributed notices to the 27 hire and eight privately owned caravans informing the occupants Yarmouth Borough Council had been called about the incident and enforcement notice would be issued banning it from holding similar events in the future.

Patricia Jaques, who works at Eastern Beach, said: “It did have a lot of affect on our customers. We had to persuade one of the families in one of the caravans to stop because they were going to leave because of the noise.”

Mrs Jaques, who lives on site, said the noise sounded so close she thought it was coming from the park's own entertainment venue rather than an external source.

“It actually sounded like it was coming from this place. It actually sounded like it was coming from the entertainments room because the noise was that bad,” she said.

A police spokesman said: “We received a report of anti-social behaviour in the Manor Road area of Caister at around 7pm on Saturday June 14.

“Officers were called to the location and they closely monitored the event to ensure disruption to the local community was kept to a minimum.

“Any reports of offences that have been made are currently under investigation by the police and we are currently working with the local licensee and environmental health officer.”

In August, police from forces across East Anglia were called to deal with a rave at the Harfrey's Industrial Estate in Great Yarmouth.

A group of 100 revellers pelted Yarmouth police station with bottles and full cans of beer after officers had confiscated sound equipment.

Another group of 300 partygoers then broke into the Thermaglow factory on the industrial estate to set up their sound equipment.