Great Yarmouth residents share fears on rising energy bills

Woman warming her hands

Great Yarmouth residents have shared their thoughts on rising energy bills. - Credit: Getty/Archant

Residents of Great Yarmouth have said that the unpredictability of energy bills are a "concern for us all".

Nearly one in six Great Yarmouth residents are unable to meet the cost of their energy bills this year, figures show.

Citizens Advice Bureau have said that more and more families are turning to charities for support.

We asked residents how they felt about the rise in energy bills this winter.

Gillian Little

Gillian Little said paying for energy bills can be a struggle. - Credit: James Weeds

Yarmouth resident Gillian Little said: "It's affecting us.

"We live on my husband's pension and we're living day to day.

"We manage and are paying gas and electricity every quarter.

"But it is getting harder.

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"Were managing for now, but - like for a lot of people - it is a struggle."

Paul Martin

Paul Martin said the unpredictability of energy prices is a concern for us all. - Credit: James Weeds

Lorry driver Paul Martin said: "I think it's shocking.

"Luckily, I renewed my contract two weeks before it all kicked off - and we're paying not too much than before - and our bills are okay for now.

"But obviously once our two years are up we don’t know what will happen.

"It's a concern for us all."

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas said he would consider fitting a new heating pump in April, but was unsure whether energy prices would be more manageable. - Credit: James Weeds

Andrew Thomas said: "My gas company went bust and we had to pay more when we switched providers.

"But what can you about it?

"I have an old boiler and we were going to change it but the government will be offering a subsidy on new pumps from April.

"We could change but then the government could change prices.

"We just don't know what's going to happen."

Tracey Walker

Tracey Walker is interested in the new government-subsidised heating pumps, but will they make a difference? - Credit: James Weeds

Shop owner Tracey Walker said: "We're interested in the new heat pumps - the government have said we'll get £5,000 to take it, but what's the saving on bills going to be afterwards?

"And it's aright promoting electricity but we still need gas to create it.

"We're so far behind.

"By 2035, we're supposed to be creating zero emissions.

"I can't see how it's going to be any better off."

This paper launched its There With You This Winter campaign two weeks ago to provide information and signpost organisations people can turn to if they are struggling with their energy bills.

How do you feel about rising energy bills? Contact with your thoughts.