Warning to dog owners after pet bitten by snake in dunes

Dog bitter by adder at Winterton

Hungarian Vizsla Indi recovering after being bitten by an adder and, inset, the puncture wounds in her leg sustained at Winterton. - Credit: Rebekah Mann

A dog owner is warning others to be wary of warm weather and snakes after her beloved pet was bitten on the leg.

Two weeks after the incident three-year-old Hungarian Vizsla Indi is still being monitored for long-term effects after she was bitten in Winterton.

Dog bitter by adder at Winterton

Hungarian Vizsla Indi showed no behaviour changes when she was bitten by an adder at Winterton. Vets advise carrying your dog to stop the venom circulating. - Credit: Rebekah Mann

Rebekah Mann said she was walking the dog with friends along the dunes when the animal suffered a bite, but surprisingly did not react at the time.

It was only when she was back at home in Norwich that she noticed her pet's leg was swollen and getting worse all the time that she called the vets not knowing at the time what had happened.

Hungarian Vizsla attacked by adder in Winterton dunes

Indi the Hungarian Vizsla is back to her normal self after being bitten by an adder at Winterton, although her owners are monitoring her for long term effects from the toxins. - Credit: Rebekah Mann

At the surgery, in Taverham, her leg was shaved, revealing the puncture marks which had not yet developed into seeping wounds.

Indi was given anti-venom intravenously and has made a recovery - but had the delay in treatment been any longer she would likely have died, and there is still the chance of long term effects and damage to organs.

Warning after dog bitten by adder at Winterton

Puncture wounds and swelling in Indi's front leg after being bitten by an adder. - Credit: Rebekah Mann

The 38-year-old pharmacist said while she was not discouraged from visiting the area she would be more alert to the danger - especially in warm weather which brings adders out into the open.

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She also shared her surprise that it took so long - over two hours - for her to realise something had happened, the dog behaving as normal until she got home and was tired, as was usual after a long walk.

Hungarian Vizsla suffers adder bite at Winterton dunes during warm spell

Hungarian Vizsla Indi recovering after suffering an adder bite at Winterton. - Credit: Rebekah Mann

She said it was "quite a scary time".

"I would have expected that if something like this happened I would hear her cry out but it wasn't the case. I saw no change in her behaviour at all. It must have happened about midday and I identified it at about 2.15pm.

"I will go back but I will be more mindful of temperatures. It is where we enjoy walking and she was extremely unlucky. If she had not been treated it is very unlikely she would be here and we are still watching for long term damage. The fact that she was fit and healthy helped."

Following the incident Taverham Vets posted advice on its Facebook page advising people carry their dog if they suspect it has been attacked to prevent the venom circulating around the body.