WATCH: A time traveller's view of Great Yarmouth landmarks

Northwest tower.

The North West Tower from the River Bure in 1865. - Credit: Time Travel Artist

An amazing video is giving history lovers the chance to travel through time and revisit some of Great Yarmouth's most iconic landmarks at the click of a mouse.

A video titled "Great Yarmouth Through Time Then vs Now" - created by Aylsham's Time Travel Artist - shows photos and illustrations of landmarks such as the Hippodrome, the North West Tower and the Winter Gardens from the present day back to the 20th and 19th centuries.

Title card for Time Travel Artist

Time Travel Artist creates animations on the then and now for British, European and American cities, railway lines and even cars on his YouTube Channel. - Credit: Time Travel Artist

One comparative shot shows the extent of the changes made to the market place since the 1700s.

Some 226 years ago, the permanent market was non-existent but a bandstand stood near the current-day car park entrance.

Another image - which shows Royal Britannia Crescent in 2021 - goes back in time 70 years to when the area was home of the Yarmouth Beach railway station. 

Locomotive passenger trains were waiting on the tracks in 1951 coming from along the Norfolk coast.

The Winter Gardens, shown derelict in 2019, get transformed as the clock winds back 116 years.

Originally conceived as a kind of Victorian entertainment multiplex, the Winter Gardens look pristine in the 1906 flashback.

Screenshot from video.

The Breydon Viaduct, two years before its closure in 1953. - Credit: Time Travel Artist

The video, created by the Time Travel Artist aka James Fox, is part of an ongoing series where the creator highlights the changes in British, European and American urban landscapes.

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Mr Fox, 31, started showcasing the then and now in exhibitions five years ago.

Taking a keen interest in animation, Mr Fox began his "Through Time" series with a retrospective of the changing London skyline.

Screenshot from the video.

A number 5 bus going over Vauxhall Bridge in 1971. - Credit: Time Travel Artist

Being from Norfolk, he felt the county also offered interesting subject matter, particularly in areas where coastal railways used to play an important part.

Mr Fox said: "When lockdown kicked in, it spurred me on to see more of the county.

"I did a big project in 2020 bringing to life the old Madeline Go Nowhere - the railway line that came to Yarmouth Beach station and called at all stations along the coast which no longer exist.

"People often say that they used to come to Yarmouth on day trips and I thought wouldn't it be great to bring that to life."

For more information, visit The Time Travel Artist YouTube Channel.