As Norfolk gets set to face another heatwave, experts have revealed that temperatures are expected to get progressively hotter throughout the week.

West Norfolk is forecast to be the hottest place in the county with conditions to peak on Saturday.

The Met Office has said this heatwave will continue over a “prolonged period” and last longer than July's hot spell.

Here is everything we know so far about the forecasted hot spell.

How hot will the weather be?

Temperatures are expected to start at 27C in parts of Norfolk on Monday before getting progressively warmer as the week goes on and potentially reaching 34C in parts of the county.

Dan Holley, of Norwich-based Weatherquest, said: "We can expect a lot of sunshine through most of the week ahead but while Norfolk won't be the warmest place in the UK, it will be pleasant enough."

Where will the hottest place in Norfolk be?

Mr Holley confirmed the warmest part of the county is set to be Marham, which saw record-breaking temperatures earlier this summer at 39.2C, with temperatures of up to 34C by Saturday.

He added: "By Friday, temperatures are expected to be around 32C before reaching 33C and 34C on Saturday.

"The north-easterly wind will be cut off by the weekend which will make it feel hotter."

Is it expected to be as hot as the last heatwave?

While the weather will be hot, it is not expected to break the unprecedented record temperatures seen in July.

According to the Met Office, temperatures over the coming days will remain lower than last month’s scorcher but the warmth will continue over a “prolonged period” and last longer than July's hot spell.

When is the weather expected to cool down?

The forecaster said that it remains "uncertain" how long hot conditions will last but warm weather could still hang around into next week.

Mr Holley said: "The air is quite dry so that will help get relatively cool nights to begin with.

"It will be humid, not muggy, but could get more difficult for sleeping later on in the week."

What about the rest of the UK?

The whole of England and Wales is likely to see such weather continue over the coming week as high pressure builds across the UK.

Parts of northwest Scotland may be cloudier and breezier up to Wednesday, but fine weather is expected for all areas of the country later in the week.

It comes after Sunday brought wall-to-wall sunshine for most of the UK, with a high of 28.1C recorded in Frittenden, Kent.

Tom Morgan, Met Office meteorologist, said: “It will be a lot of sunshine for a vast majority of the UK and also temperatures rising day after day.

“Not everyone will initially see those sunny conditions, but towards the end of the week, even Scotland and Northern Ireland will join the rest of the UK in having generally fine, sunny and very warm if not hot conditions.

“It does look like a prolonged period of dry weather and obviously that’s bad news for southern England where some rain would really be useful now.

“The peak of the temperatures look likely to occur on Friday or Saturday.”