An incoming heatwave will see temperatures soar to 32C in parts of Norfolk next week.

West Norfolk will be among the hottest areas, with the highest temperature predicted on Wednesday, August 10.

An official heatwave is when the temperature exceeds 27C for three consecutive days.

It comes after Norfolk saw record-breaking temperatures of 37C back in July. But this next short spell of hot weather is not expected to be as severe.

Adam Dury, a meteorologist at Weatherquest, said conditions will start to get warmer this weekend but the heatwave will officially set in on Monday.

"The western half of the region will be the hottest - in places like Marham and the Thetford area, southwest of Norwich." he said. "Monday will see temperatures of 27C to 28C.

"Tuesday will rise to 29C and on Wednesday we could see temperatures of 31C to 32C.

"Thursday might also scrape 27C."

But for those living in the east of the region and along the coast, Mr Dury said it is unlikely that the temperature will reach the heatwave threshold.

He added: "It will be cooler in the east and along the coast.

"On Monday we might see temperatures of 23C, then around 25C to 26C on Tuesday and 29C on Wednesday. After that, it cool back down to about 22C to 23C."