The cooler temperatures of the past few days have been a welcome relief following the extreme heat earlier this week.

Record-breaking highs of over 40C on Tuesday (July 19) saw the county ravaged by wildfires that left homes destroyed and wildlife devastated.

Temperatures have dropped to the low 20s since but mercury levels are forecast to rise once again this weekend.

Norwich-based Weatherquest meteorologist Chris Bell said: "This weekend will see the return of warmer temperatures although not as extreme as the highs we experienced earlier this week.

"Saturday should be a pleasant day with sunny spells and patchy cloud with highs of 26C.

"Sunday will see the peak of temperatures this weekend with highs of 31C.

"However, there will be a strong breeze throughout the day so it will feel cooler than you may expect.

"Clouds will develop Sunday evening and overnight there will be a weak cold front bringing patchy rain.

"Into next week temperatures will drop into the low to mid-20s."

Conditions are set to remain drier than normal for this time of year with no significant rainfall expected for the rest of the month.