Norfolk reached record-breaking temperatures on Monday with highs reaching 37.1C in the west of the county.

This smashed the previous high of 36.5C, in the same village, in 2019.

The heatwave led to the closures of several schools in Norfolk on Monday (July 18), including one where the artificial turf in the playground reached 50C. Some sites are to close for a second day.

But how high will the mercury rise today?

Much of Norfolk remains under an amber weather warning and parts of the west of the county face a red weather warning with highs potentially reaching 41C.

And morning temperatures have already risen to 5-6C higher than on Monday.

Weatherquest meteorologist Zoe Johnson said: "By 8am, temperatures across the county had already reached between 24-27C as the heat did not drop below 20 overnight.

"The hottest temperatures will be found in the west of the county in Thetford, Downham Market, Hunstanton and King's Lynn. The mercury could rise to more than 40C in these areas.

"Inland will also feel very warm with highs of around 37-38C expected in Norwich.

"Coastal areas will feel slightly cooler with Cromer in north Norfolk expecting highs in the low 30s.

"The eastern coast may feel cooler still with the south easterly breeze helping bring the heat down. Temperatures in the mid to high 20s can be expected.

"The heat will increase throughout the day and temperatures should peak by about 4pm - 5pm."

The Met Office was also warning that temperatures overnight into Tuesday would hold up in the low to mid 20s in most of Norfolk, which would mean a 'tropical night' - the term for when it does not drop below 20C.

Temperatures are continuing to rise as the day progresses.

Highs of 38C were recorded in Marham, Norfolk by 1.30pm.

Elsewhere in the UK, temperature records were broken when heat levels went over 40C at London Heathrow.