No filter: Man snaps crystal ice halo around the sun

ice halo snapped in Gorleston

Patrick Chilvers has taken thousands of pictures on his iPhone in Gorleston including this one of a crystal ice halo which hung in the air for at least an hour. - Credit: Patrick Chilvers

A hobby photographer has captured a dramatic image of an ice halo around the sun.

Patrick Chilvers enjoys almost daily early morning strolls in Gorleston, where nature's sunrise palette makes it perfect for pictures.

The 58-year-old from Belton said he took the snap on his iPhone 12 capturing an almost full ring around the sun.

He said it hung in the sky for at least an hour, adding: "I had never seen a halo round the sun like that and it was there for a good while. You never know what you are going to find down there."

Adam Dury, meteorologist with Norwich-based Weatherquest said it was an interesting image taken when a number of elements had to combine in a certain way to be "just right".

"It is caused usually by moisture in the higher part of the atmosphere but other halo effects can be caused by moisture lower down in the atmosphere.

"The amount of moisture has to be just right and formed from ice crystals to let the sun shine through along with the angle between the sun and your eyes, perfect to produce the halo."