Weight loss inspires new move for Gorleston mother of two

A Gorleston mum was so inspired by her own success in shedding the pounds that she started her own weight loss group.

Emma Bensley, 35, from Lower Cliff Road, has launched her own Slimming World club after seeing both her family and personal life transformed after she joined one in February.

The full-time mother to two young children, Liam, 7, and Jessica, 5, lost exactly three stone during her time with the club, and has seen her approach to life and self confidence improve to the point where she feels compelled to pass on her wisdom to others facing what she began more than a years ago, and drive home the mantra: “you don’t need to go to the gym to lose weight”.

Emma said: “I just want to pass the message on. I fully believe in the weight loss programme I went on, it has worked for me, it just takes a little bit each day.”

Emma says the weight loss has also had a big impact on the people she loves.

“For me personally the best way to describe the change in quality of life is that I am able to run very easily with my children, have fun and games and play and run around with them,” said Emma.

“We go swimming more than we used to, and go for big walks together.

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“By making me more active, it has made my family more active. My daughters are sticks anyway and really enjoy outdoor activities, just now they can do it with their mum.”

Emma’s weight also affected her psychologically, she began to feel people were judging her for wearing the wrong clothes. Despite assurances from husband Justin, 36, a company accountant, she was paranoid that others felt she should not be wearing certain items.

But she has overcome all of that, slowly but surely. She began the programme in February 2011, and reached her ideal weight in May this year,

“I’m a completely different person to what I was two years ago. I’m more outgoing, I think I was always happy but my self-belief and confidence in myself has gone up.”

“I would hide away from people, but I don’t any more because I don’t think I am being judged.

“I can wear nice summer outfits, more flattering, and fitting clothes.

“My husband would say I looked nice but to me it wasn’t how I felt inside. He joked that before I would not come out of the store changing rooms wearing what I had tried on, I would take it home. But now I come dancing out of the changing rooms.”

The opening night of Emma’s slimming club will be on October 8, at Peterhouse Primary School, Gorleston, starting at 7.30pm.

Call 01493 302317 or 07941 850034 to inquire or for more information.