Historic ticket office given new lease of life

Wellesley Ticket Office restored Great Yarmouth

The Grade II-listed Wellesley ticket office, designed by Yarmouth architect J.W. Cockerill has been restored as part of a wider revival project in the town - Credit: Great Yarmouth Borough Council

A Grade II-listed former ticket office in Great Yarmouth has been given a new lease of life after been refurbished.

The building situated in Wellesley Recreation Ground has been repurposed into a storage unit, as part of an ongoing project by Great Yarmouth Borough Council to restore the historically important ground for future community use.

The Wellesley ticket office was designed by Yarmouth architect J.W. Cockerill in 1888 but had fallen into disrepair, suffering extensive rot, as it was no longer used. 

The work was carried out by Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust, who received funding through a grant from the Coastal Revival Fund, which was awarded to the Wellesley project in 2018. 

Andy Grant, chairman of the Housing and Neighbourhood Committee, said: “The refurbishment of the ticket office at Wellesley Recreation Ground is another step towards ensuring this important historic and recreational asset of Great Yarmouth reaches its full potential.”