What you said you wanted to replace Amazonia

The former Amazonia attraction on Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth which is due to be demolished.Pict

The former Amazonia attraction on Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth which is due to be demolished.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

After the news last week that plans have been submitted to demolish the former Amazonia reptile zoo building, readers have been getting in touch to let us know what they would like to see in its place.

Hundreds of people got in touch to give their opinion about what they would like to see in place of the old reptilarium.

Here is a selection of the most popular ideas.

• Water park

Lots of suggestions for a new water-based amusement were posted to the Great Yarmouth Mercury’s Facebook page.

Tracey Stonham-Cufley suggested an outside splash park or play area, Olive Fox said a padling pool for little ones would be good, and Steph Lyn Punchard said she would like to see a decent water park, like the one being built in Clacton, Essex.

Samantha Kay agreed: “How about a water park? Water rides and fountains with lights and music.”

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Aaron Northcott said: “A flow rider would be great. It gets people into a new sport kids and adults. Competitions would be held there and people would come to Yarmouth as it will bring people in. If I had the money I would already have one.”

• Outdoor play park

Richard Gorgo Brookin said: “How about a free play park and seating for the parents to rest their legs and watch their kids play, swings, slides, climbing frames etc. Something that appeals to people who haven’t got the cash to pay out on some of the attractions but enjoy a stroll and an ice cream on the Golden Mile?”

Stephen John Dando agreed with him and said a big play area for the kids would suit the site.

• Water fountains

Lila Smith Water said she liked the idea of fountains and Gillian Mays agreed, adding: “I love the water fountains idea and an outdoor music area.”

Libby Gracie said: “Fountains are a great idea, or take a leaf from the Spanish resorts. A park, with a basketball,football area and skate area. All free for children.”

• Ice skating rink

Tony Pugh said that people loved the town’s ice skating rink which was here over Christmas. He added: “Why not have a nice large one with tables and chairs and cafe built on that site. Locals and holidaymakers would enjoy something different for a change.”

• Pop-up shops

Jennifer Penn Wallin wants a venue with pop-up shops that small and start-up businesses can rent at reasonable prices.

• Indoor football

Kerry Reed said: “Bring an indoor football pitch back with play area and canteen like ‘Yo Footy’ used to be. Was always busy. My grandkids would love it. My son and his friends were devastated when that closed.”

• Indoor bowls

Kay Harvey said: “Maybe if we had a decent indoor bowling green, we could encourage new members, young and old, to join. I am sure thre are youngsters out there who would make good bowlers.”

• Grassed area

Donna Lelean said: “It should be a grassed area with seating. Fed up of all the buildings blocking the view of the sea.”

• Primark

Ryan Smith was one of many to suggest the town could finally get a Primark store... on the seafront!