When do the clocks go forward in 2021?

Norwich City history quiz on clocks. St George Tombland Church clock. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

When do the clocks go forward this year? - Credit: Denise Bradley

Spring has arrived and the days are getting longer - and hopefully the sunny weather will return soon. 

So as the days fly by, it is nearly time for the clocks to go forward as we approach the beginning of British Summer Time (BST). 

In October, the clocks go back and we get to spend an extra hour in bed. Although this time we will be losing an hour's sleep, we will be able to enjoy some longer days.

This could be beneficial for our mental wellbeing as we will have more time in the evenings to go for a walk after work or do some exercise. 

Typically, the clocks go forward one hour at 1am on the last Sunday of March, so this year will be moving into BST on March 28. 

Don't forget to check your clocks for any that need to be changed manually. Most phones update automatically so don't worry about missing that Monday morning alarm for work.