A clean sweep! Group's marathon with washing machine and ironing board

Washing machine marathon challenge for Lauren Beckett, 28

A group has completed a marathon charity walk with an ironing board, iron, and 55kg washing machine in memory of Lauren Beckett, stopping at her grave in Rollesby on the route. - Credit: supplied

It wasn't the time or speed that counted.

It was simply a matter of getting their white goods - a 55kg washing machine, ironing board, and iron - around a 26.2 mile route for a charity close to their hearts.

A group has boosted a bereaved Caister family's fundraising by over £2,000 - taking it to just shy of a £50,000 target. 

Washing machine walk around Great Yarmouth for Lauren Beckett of Caister

Washing machine walkers give passers-by a wave. - Credit: supplied

Some ten people lead by Scot Greenwood and Victoria Smart set out on Sunday with the appliances taking them from Thrigby Wildlife Gardens, through Rollesby, Caister, and Great Yarmouth finishing at the Lacon Arms in Hemsby.

Lauren Beckett who died earlier this year Photo: JPUH

Lauren Beckett who died in 2018 from a rare disease called scleroderma aged 28. - Credit: JPUH

Mr Greenwood said it was all to help Philip Beckett, who lost his daughter Lauren aged 28 four years ago and has thrown himself into fundraising for the Scleroderma and Raynaud’s UK (SRUK) charity.

However, in February, while hosting a charity quiz he had suffered a heart attack and needed life-saving surgery.

Instead, friends, family and business associates decided to carry on for him aiming to raise the rest of the £50,000 so he could put his feet up and get better.

Mr Greenwood, valuations manager at Paul Hammond Estate Agents, said the idea of the white goods had been to introduce a level of challenge and discomfort that would encourage people to dig deep.

A fundraising white goods marathon walk has raised money in memory of Lauren Beckett from Caister

The ironing board and washing machine that proved such awkward companions for walkers looking to raise money in memory of Lauren Beckett after her father Philip had a heart attack interrupting his efforts. - Credit: supplied

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In the end it was even more awkward than anyone could have conceived he said, with the commandeering of a sack barrel going some way to ease the strain.

"The weight was immense," he said. "It was just so awkward and it just wants to pull you back and you are hunched over.

"We needed plenty of breaks and it took longer than expected."

In the end the team took 11 hours to complete the marathon walk ending with a raffle at the Lacon Arms in Hemsby where Mr Beckett had his heart attack.

Mr Greenwood said the reaction from people driving past and dropping money in their buckets was cheering, many stopping to chat and to find out more about what they were doing and why.

Among the team were solicitor Victoria Smart, her husband Aaron, Lauren's uncle and Mr Beckett's brother in law as well as staff from Paul Hubbard Estate Agents.

To donate visit the Just Giving page and search Scot Greenwood.