Family’s whole house is technicolour tribute to NHS

Lillie-Mai, aged ten, with four-month-old Lydia outside their home in Bells Road Gorleston which has

Lillie-Mai, aged ten, with four-month-old Lydia outside their home in Bells Road Gorleston which has been transformed brick-by-brick into a colourful tribute to the NHS, delighting everyone that sees it Picture: Kylie Smith - Credit: Archant

A family have turned their house into an NHS rainbow tribute - by colouring it in brick by brick.

Kylie Smith and her daughter Lillie-Mai, aged ten, decided to go the extra mile by creating an eye-catching show of support.

They got busy with jumbo chalks after the family’s cat took issue with posters they had put in their windows, forcing them to get creative.

Miss Smith, 31, who also has a four-month-old baby Lydia, said she saw the chalks while scrolling online and thought her daughter could decorate stepping stones in the back garden.

Looking to do something that more people could see they started out adding colour to a panel at the front of their terraced house in Bells Road, Gorleston, and the effort soon grew to take in every brick.

Miss Smith, who is a hairdresser and also works at KFC in Gorleston, said: “People have been putting up posters in their windows and Lillie-Mai did do a few but the cat kept pulling them down.

“Our back garden is grass but there are a couple of stepping stones, so we coloured them in.

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“We then tried it on a wall at the back but it didn’t really show up.

“First of all we were just going to do a panel at the front but then I thought ‘Why not do the whole thing, it will make it all nice and cheery?

“As we were doing it I thought ‘This is going to look awful’ but then it started to look really good.

“I did all I could reach and Lillie-Mai stood on the little wall.

“Everyone on my road thought it was brilliant.

“But I did get a couple of sarcastic comments from people going by.

“One man who was walking his bike said it was a waste of time.

“Another person said it was criminal damage and vandalism and that if I were his tenant he would evict me.”

Miss Smith says she checked with the estate agents and they applauded her efforts.

She said she was inspired by her best friend who works at the James Paget University Hospital, enduring long shifts in uncomfortable PPE.

She also hailed the community spirit in Bells Road where the weekly clap included bubble machines and musical instruments, and ended with yelling across to each other asking if they were ok.