Reader letter: why do people always shout in Great Yarmouth?

Feature on St Georges theatre, Yarmouth.Picture: Nick Butcher

Feature on St Georges theatre, Yarmouth.Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Why do people always feel the need to shout in Great Yarmouth?

When I come into town I tend to park in the Tolhouse Street/South Quay area.

This means walking up Yarmouth Way and along King Street, often with my young children.

Invariably there are people bawling at each other from across the road in unnecessarily raised voices with some expletives.

Sometimes they are simply making arrangements to meet later. At others they are berating each other and slugging out some issue or other from about 50m away.

I find this most unsettling.

And for my daughter it is quite frightening.

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If people could just take the time to cross the road and speak to each other at a normal distance, or phone each other, it would be much better.

On a more positive note, walking this same route I am always struck by how nice the town looks (bar the shouting).

The view of St George’s Chapel town towards the park is lovely and a testament to some of the improvements that have been made in the town in recent years.

Likewise, King Street, despite the litter, has some lovely buildings and the bunting always looks nice.

Just keep your voices down please.

Elizabeth Watson