Winterton beach poses as Sydney's Bondi in new movie

Mark Teale on Winterton beach wearing a wetsuit and carrying a surfboard.

Mark Teale plays an Australian surfer in 'Life's a Beach' - a short film which will feature in 'The Impact', an upcoming anthology movie which was written and produced by 50 filmmakers. - Credit: Mark Hampton

One of Norfolk's most popular beaches is doubling for the Australian coast in an upcoming anthology film.

Winterton might not have the weather of Bondi beach, but Mark Hampton, director and producer of the short film - 'Life's a Beach' - said the Norfolk coastline "totally worked" as a double for popular Australian tourist destination.

Sarah Broadbent and Mark Teale on the beach.

Winterton Beach appears in ‘Life’s a Beach’, which features a young British backpacker played by Sarah Broadbent and an Australian surfer played by Mark Teale. - Credit: Mark Hampton

Mr Hampton, said: "I was looking for a way to create Australia for the film and I knew exactly where to go to achieve it.

"The beaches in Norfolk are fantastic and it totally worked for the film. No one who’s seen the film ever questions it – they just assume we went to Australia."

A man with a surfboard on the beach

The poster for the short film, 'Life's a Beach', which will be included in the upcoming anthology movie, 'The Impact'. - Credit: Mark Hampton

Mr Hampton's short film will feature in upcoming anthology movie 'The Impact', which also stars Olivia Williams in a scene written by Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas.

The Impact, which premieres on May 31, is set to break two world records -  with the most writers and most directors on one feature film.

Cast and crew from 'Life's a Beach' on location in Winterton.

Cast and crew from 'Life's a Beach' on location in Winterton. - Credit: Mark Hampton