Walkers warned as cliff path 'hanging over thin air'

Erosion at Winterton November2021

A drone image taken in November 2021 showing the extent of erosion at Winterton. - Credit: Simon Carter

Visitors to Winterton have been warned to take precautions if walking along a path at the edge of the dunes.

A post on the village's community Facebook page urges walkers and dog owners to take care if walking along the cliff south of Beach Road.

"Parts of the path that look safe are actually hanging over thin air and could collapse at any time," the post says.

Erosion at Winterton November 2019

The Norfolk's Edge Airstreams have already had to move four times since arriving on the clifftop at Winterton in March 2021. The footings they first occupied have long disappeared. - Credit: Simon Carter

The path in question is south of the carpark.

Beachgoers have also been advised that the dune face north of the carpark dangerous in places and people should avoid climbing up and down in the area.

Last month, the carpark was closed following more erosion on the coast. It is now open again.

Erosion at Winterton October 2021

Beach Road is now a road to nowhere that ends in a sheer drop. - Credit: Liz Coates

In recent years a succession of storms has increased erosion along the coast.

In October last year, surging seas created 25ft sheer drops in places, prompting Norfolk police to put up signs and cordon off sections of the dunes in order to make the area safe. 

In 2020, the Dunes cafe was demolished after a long and costly battle with coastal erosion.