Winterton store owner sold out of date food

THE owner of a Winterton store has been fined �1,500 on six charges relating to selling out-of-date food.

Vethanampillai Satheeskumar, who owns Loomes store in Market Place, appeared before Yarmouth magistrates on May 6 was fined �250 for the offences relating to food sold at the store and ordered to pay �15 costs.

The first two charges related to the sale of a Broadland sliced smoked gammon ham past its sell by date and tampering with the sell by date.

The third charge was for selling four slices of Euroshopper Honey Roast Ham past their sell by date, while the fourth was for changing the sell by date of Chapmans beef steak mince.

The fifth was for selling three packets of Richmond Irish recipe sausages past the sell by date while the sixth was for changing the sell by date on a Chapmans chicken fillet.