Man in court over ‘Incredible Hulk’ attack on girlfriend

A Lowestoft teenager has been told by a magistrate to 'hit a pillow' when he feels angry Picture: Go

A Lowestoft teenager has been told by a magistrate to 'hit a pillow' when he feels angry Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

A woman has described how her boyfriend launched into a violent attack after taking drugs and accusing her of stealing his tobacco and pills.

Jake Day of Victoria Street, Great Yarmouth, heard written evidence from his former girlfriend when he appeared at Great Yarmouth Magistrate's Court on Wednesday (November 27).

In a victim impact statement the woman described how she felt like "a poor defenceless child" at the hands of Day who threw her to the floor and punched her with clenched fists.

The 34-year-old admitted a charge of assault by beating on August 28.

Outlining the case Victoria Bastock said the couple had been in a relationship for around 13 months.

The girlfriend said he was usually "lovely, caring, and attentive" but was "highly strung" with a habit of getting angry about things which had nothing to do with him.

In the hours before the attack his mood seemed to have changed, she said.

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When he came in at 2am he appeared confused and in the morning, while her mother and brother were round, he accused her of stealing his tobacco pouch and tablets.

He became aggressive and accused her of being "a bad girlfriend" the court heard, throwing her to the floor, smashing her against the wall and shouting - in a transformation described as being like the Incredible Hulk.

Afterwards her head was throbbing, but there were no lasting injuries.

In a statement read to the court, the victim said the relationship had been "good and bad."

She said Day was "like a lost soul" and that he had issues with drugs.

"He went from the man I fell in love with to someone I did not recognise," she said.

"Since the incident I have put it to the back of my mind.

"That day I felt like a poor defenceless child.

"My only option was to sit there and take it.

"If Jake had not taken the tablets this would not have happened," she said.

Mitigating Claire Edgeler said: "Because of the drug taking he has very little recollection."

She said her client felt "huge shame" and was "frightened" by his behaviour.

As a result he was "absolutely determined" to come off drugs.

Day was handed an 18 month community order with a requirement for a six month drug rehabilitation order and 25 rehabilitation activity days as well as a £90 surcharge.