Demolition teams on site at fire-hit care home

Abbeville Lodge is being demolished Acle New Road Yarmouth

Relief is on the way for residents living near a fire-hit care home. - Credit: Liz Coates

Relief is on the way for people living near a derelict care home as demolition teams move in.

Abbeville Lodge in Acle New Road, Great Yarmouth, has seen a string of fires since it closed two years ago, leading to safety fears among worried neighbours who have been calling for it to be taken down.

Residents in School Road Back were evacuated on Wednesday (June 2) after fire tore through the building in the early hours for the third time in 12 months.

Fire at Abbeville Lodge Acle New Road Great Yarmouth

The number of fires at a derelict care home in Great Yarmouth is prompting angry calls for something to be done. - Credit: Nicola Davis

Great Yarmouth Borough Council said the building would be cleared "shortly" and that it was poised to take enforcement action if the owner did not do the work.

On Monday (June 7) a team from Mitchell Demolition was on site.

Fire at Abbeville Lodge Acle New Road Great Yarmouth

Near neighbours are raising concerns about the alarming number of fires at the former Abbeville care home in Acle New Road. - Credit: Liz Coates

A spokesman said the work to clear the buildings would likely take seven to ten days.

He said people who lived nearby had approached the team and shared their relief that the buildings were coming down.

One woman said living with the derelict care home on her doorstep was "a constant worry" with overhanging trees, power lines, parked cars, and fencing adding to concerns the fires could spread to family homes putting lives at risk.

Following the blaze a man was arrested for criminal damage and arson endangering life, fraud and forgery.