Would you propose to your partner for 99p in Yarmouth?

SOME propose at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, others in romantic Venice, but now a Great Yarmouth store is offering a cut-price option.

Women can buy a 99p DIY Proposal Kit from Great Yarmouth 99p Store to propose to the man of their dreams on Leap Day - the day women are urged to traditionally propose to their men.

And UK value brand 99p Stores says its romance kit at Great Yarmouth 99p Store offers the best incentive to women. It comprises of five items for under a fiver of five items including a ring.

The other four items are: a 99p bottle of non alcoholic champagne, pack of wine flutes, eight packs of confetti and for those planning a fast honeymoon getaway two his and hers passport holders.

Hussein Lalani, boss of 99p Stores, said: “Who says you can’t buy love – it’s now yours for 99p.”

Leap Day, February 29, is tomorrow.