'We are willing to take some' - Council leader's Afghan refugee pledge

Carl Smith, Great Yarmouth Council Leader

Carl Smith, Great Yarmouth Borough Council Leader - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

The leader of Great Yarmouth Borough Council said the authority is willing to take in some Afghan refugees if called upon.

Carl Smith says that while Norfolk County Council is overseeing the resettlement of refugees fleeing the Taliban, his authority is ready to act if needed.

Kate Travers explains why Afghanistan is one of the most challenging places to be a woman.

Afghan refugees arriving in a safe haven. - Credit: AP

His comments came as North Norfolk District Council said it was ready to accept refugees.

Mr Smith said the borough did lack what he called 'community hubs' to accommodate those fleeing Afghanistan, but was fully supportive of Norfolk County Council's overarching aim to resettle refugees.

"We are willing to take some if we have to.

"North Norfolk and South Norfolk have got the infrastructure in place."

Nationally about 17,000 refugees have come to the country since April as part of evacuation plans and eventually another 20,000 would be made welcome here.

The refugee crisis was sparked after US troops left Afghanistan, with Norfolk MPs reporting that a number of local families were still in the country after the last of the armed forces had left.