Barber seeks sender of anonymous gift to say 'thank you'

David Cardoso with the envelope and cash.

David Cardoso was "really touched" to receive such a gesture. - Credit: James Weeds

A barber who was given a generous tip by a mystery customer has asked for the anonymous do-gooder to reveal themselves so he can say a simple, 'thank you'.

David Cardoso, owner of new barber's shop, Billions, in Victoria arcade, re-opened his doors on Monday, April 12, ready to get "hands on" now that the restrictions were lifted.

The exterior of Billions Barber Shop in Victoria Arcade.

Billions Barber Shop opened July 4 last year, but - like other businesses - had been repeatedly closed due to lockdown. - Credit: James Weeds

However, Mr Cardoso was surprised to see an envelope on the floor.

Inside was a card wishing him the best of luck as well as £60 in cash.

A written-in card and three £20 notes.

David Cardoso found the envelope on Monday, April 12. - Credit: David Cardoso

The card read: "I am so impressed that you started your business during a pandemic.

"I enclose a very small gift which I hope will cheer you up."

The card does contain a signature, but it is only one name and difficult to read.

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Mr Cardoso said: "I thought this was very kind and it really did touch me.

"I would be so grateful to at least be able to say thank you to them."