Yarmouth centenarian’s decades of warm memories

She worked in London during the second world war and witnessed her daughter playing with royalty.

And now Elizabeth Clements, right, is celebrating decades of warm memories by commemorating her 100th birthday.

The centenarian spent the majority of her life in Twickenham, London, where she was born on Thursday July 21, 1911.

In her early years, she worked in a jam factory, before moving to an automotive engineering factory in the 1950s and later a toy factory.

She was seen through the eyes of her family as a hard-working woman, and after marrying William Clements in 1937, and having a daughter Maureen, she continued to do her bit to put food on the table.

Speaking about her childhood years with her mum, Maureen Hunt said her fondest memories was playing with members of the Royal family in Battersea Park.

“My mum and dad had taken me to Battersea Park to see an exhibition,” she said.

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“I began playing with these two children over by one of the trees and this gentleman turned to my mother and said ‘do you know who your daughter is with?’. My mother said no, and it was then he told her that they were the children of two famous Dukes.”

“But the gentleman said it was not a problem, so the three of us continued to play together quite happily.”

Mrs Clements, who was passionate about the films of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, moved from London to Great Yarmouth in 2003 after spending many happy holidays on the seafront.

She lives with her son-in-law Tony Hunt, 73, and her daughter Maureen, 71, who held a family party to celebrate her special day.

Maureen continued: “My mum has worked hard all her life and she was always dedicated to looking after myself and my father.”