Yarmouth company donates thousands of towels to RSPCA


A Yarmouth fabric company responded to an appeal from the RSPCA who desperately needed towels to save wildlife.

The RSPCA's East Winch Wildlife Centre near King's Lynn uses over 10,000 towels a year to care for injured seals, hedgehogs, and other wildlife.

In June the centre appealed for animal lovers to donate towels after stock plummeted.

This meant the charity would be unable to clean oil and tar from animals or prevent disease.

But the Camplings Linen company from Southtown Road in Great Yarmouth came to the rescue with thousands of towels which were "no longer up to our fluffy and bright standard yet were still usable".

Kerri de Lange, Camplings Head of Sales, said: "Camplings was thrilled to come to the rescue.

"As an ethically responsible company we specifically chose our rental Dust Mat manafacturer because they use recycled plastic bottles and ocean plastics such as nylon nets to produce the mat fibres."