Wedding milestone for 'Tarzan' and Sylvia who met on seafront

Sylvia and Terry Gallant who have been married for 60 years.

Sylvia and Terry Gallant who have been married for 60 years. Mr Gallant is known for his sporting prowess in both swimming and football, as both a football referee and manager. - Credit: Supplied by Simone Gallant

A couple who met on Yarmouth seafront as teenagers have celebrated a diamond wedding milestone.

Sylvia and Terry Gallant were just 14 and 15 when they caught each other's eye at the Majestic amusements as they stood around listening to the juke box.

"He was 6ft 3ins and handsome with blondish, sandy hair. They used to call him Tarzan," said Mrs Gallant, 79.

After that first fleeting meeting it was another few months before they met each other again followed by a movie date at the Regal cinema.

Terry and Sylvia Gallant have been married for 60 years

Terry and Sylvia Gallant of Burgh Castle on their wedding day on October 14, 1961. - Credit: supplied by Simone Gallant

They went on to marry at St Nicholas Church on October 14 when Sylvia was just 19, having begged her father for permission to tie the knot for over a year.

A reception at the Bridge Hotel was held for around 100 guests and married life started in Stanley Road, off Northgate Street, just a few doors down from where Sylvia was  born.

There was no hot running water but the couple brought up two girls there, always both working, before moving to Southtown Road and having their third.

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They now live in a mobile home in Burgh Castle, having lived in Cross Road, Gorleston for 36 years.

Over the years they had rubbed along just fine, rarely arguing and sticking by the age-old "give and take" adage which has served them well, Sylvia said.

As well as having shared interests it was important to give each other space for your own thing, she added.

While retired carpenter/joiner Terry watched his sports she would tune into her own favourite programmes and that worked just fine.

While she had enjoyed bingo he had always loved sport playing for Gorleston in the days of Sailor Brown and for Norfolk, as well as being a referee.

He also swam for Norfolk and at all the Yarmouth galas. For her part she was a whizz at whisking up a birthday cake, never having to buy one from a shop.

Today at the age of 80 he is still actively involved in sport as assistant manager at Carlton Colville Football Club.

"You have got to give and take. It doesn't pay to keep arguing. We do our own thing, that is how it has worked out for us," she said.

The couple have three children, four grandchildren and one great grandson.