Yarmouth girl celebrates life-changing slimming success

A MUM has told of the crash-course diet that changed her life when she lost more than six stone in 10 months.

Zoe Anderson embarked on a fight to fitness after she became tired of looking in the mirror and feeling low about her weight.

And now the 28-year-old from Great Yarmouth has completed a remarkable transformation, which has seen her drop six dress sizes from a 24 to a 12.

Zoe said the key to her success was to embrace healthy eating and exercise in order to both lose weight and keep the pounds off in the future.

She said: “I used to just live on junk food like pizzas and kebabs - something that was quick to eat - and then I realisedif I carried on like this I was going to have a heart attack at a young age. That is when I decided to start losing weight.

“I did it all on my own, with my willpower. Lots of people have come up to me and said ‘you look completely different’ and commented on how many dress sizes I have lost.

“And at Slimming World, people have said I look really amazing and I was an inspiration to others in the group.

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Zoe, who lives with her four children and partner, started losing weight when she joined the St George’s Slimming World group in Yarmouth.

She told the Mercury: “I feel healthier now then I did before, and I can do more things with the kids as well - it has really turned my life around.

“I was always determined throughout and never wanted to give in. It takes a lot to not want to eat a doner kebab or a packet of crisps, but I have done it, and that is the success of my journey.”

The national Slimming World Woman of the Year 2011 will be announced this month.