Yarmouth Jetty: Views on demolition voiced on Facebook

GREAT Yarmouth Mercury readers have been discussing the demolition of the historic jetty on our Facebook page.

To follow our updates, go to Great Yarmouth Mercury (website) on Facebook and tick “like” at the top of the page. Here are some of the edited comments that readers have posted:

“Disgusting. Where is the pride in Yarmouth heritage…oh yeah down the pan like the rest of the downtrodden town....”

“Such a shame that they keep demolishing everything in Yarmouth...no wonder it’s looking down and out now, all they care about is the tourists…no pride left in this town...”

“Soon be nothing historical left on the seafront ... Only the Hippodrome... Looking at the state of the Windmill that will be condemned soon... bloody vandals!”

“Unfortunately, what we say or think has no bearing or influence. This town has gone to the dogs, such a lovely little town once, and now it is trying to become a mini city, without a city’s resources, it is being destroyed.”

“Disgusted and outraged! There apparently is a lot of history connected to the jetty!”

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“Why? You can’t get it back ever. Why keep knocking everything down?”

“Post your comments on the Great Yarmouth Borough Council Facebook site, ask why. I just have”

“We damage historical artefacts it’s vandalism and get prosecuted. This town gets worse and worse. Soon be nothing left!”

“They should embrace the history not demolish it!”

“I spent my youth playing on the jetty, why oh why do these things need to be demolished and not restored? I have never heard anyone say they agree that the jetty should be demolished.”

“Where is the pride in the heritage? It is in the plethora of amazing museums around Yarmouth. Repairing the jetty is a total waste of money to allow a few fishermen or kids to have a bit of fun.”

“I agreed on the jetty being destroyed ages ago, if it was a danger to public and would cost too much to fix. I know exactly the history of the jetty and Nelson sailed from it, and it’s military and merchant history, but if it’s falling apart and needs some stupidly big price tag to make it safe, then we have a problem in this bankrupt council’s eyes. Spending a million or even half a million in Yarmouth’s current economic and social housing climate wouldn’t be taken kindly.”

“I would not want to contribute to the restoration of this decrepit structure whilst other local landmarks are allowed to fall into disrepair. Examples: Wellington and Britannia Pier, Waterways, Winter Gardens, Windmill, Empire. As for the “history”, much of the original jetty from which Nelson sailed was washed away in the floods of 1953 and Nelson has better connections with South Quay. Anyway, perhaps they need the scrap wood for these blooming beacons for the royal celebrations later this year.”

“Leave it alone. Good enough for Nelson, good enough for me.”