Kebab shop owner owed almost half a million pounds in unpaid tax

Istanbul Kebab House deliberate tax defaulter

Bilal Gilgil trading as Istanbul Kebab House of 76 Regent Road Great Yarmouth evaded taxes worth £461,081.90 between April 6 2010 and September 30 2019. - Credit: Google Maps

A man who owned a Great Yarmouth kebab shop has been named and shamed on a government list for not paying his tax.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) publishes details of those people or businesses who have received penalties every six months.

The list shows the period of time during which the tax was due, the amount that was due, and what was charged.

The current list shows that over nine years almost half a million pounds was left unpaid by a Great Yarmouth kebab shop.

Bilal Gilgil, trading as Istanbul Kebab House of 76 Regent Road, Great Yarmouth, evaded taxes worth £461,081.90 between April 6, 2010, and September 30, 2019 and was handed a charge of  £331, 978.90, the list reveals.

He was among 92 defaulters named.

The government says it publishes the details of tax defaulters to encourage others to put their affairs in order and possibly avoid having their details listed. 

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The list relates to deliberate defaulters who’ve been dealt with using civil proceedings. The HMRC stresses the entry is specific to the default dates and may have no connection with the business currently at the address, even though it may be trading under the same name.

The person named may also have changed their behaviour and may no longer be involved with the business.

Attempts were made to contact Mr Gilgil. A worker at the kebab shop said Mr Gilgil had no connection with the current business.