‘Comedy of errors’ after woman jumps in bath with wrong man and police officer assaulted, court hears

Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court. Google Maps

Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court. Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

A “comedy of errors” unfolded when a woman got in the bath with the wrong man while her boyfriend was using the toilet, a court heard.

The events took place at a party at a private home in Great Yarmouth and led to a police officer being assaulted.

Appearing at the town's magistrates court on Wednesday (October 2) Mark Dickson, of Wood Street, Norwich, admitted assault by beating of an emergency worker, in circumstances that were described as "a bit odd."

Outlining the case for the prosecution, Ian Devine said it was "rather unusual and probably unique."

He said: "On August 28 Mr Dickson had been drinking with his partner and another female friend.

"They started drinking at around 2pm, went home at about 5pm and continued drinking.

"Then three other friends were invited round to the address, one of them a brother.

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"At some point in the evening the brother decided to take a bath.

"He took himself off, got in the bath, and locked the door.

"Mr Dickson needed to use the toilet and he knocked on the door several times.

"He was eventually allowed in.

"So there is one person in the bath and one person in the toilet.

"Mr Dickson's partner comes in and undresses and gets in the bath, despite the presence of the brother and her partner.

"Mr Dickson's reaction is to remove her from the bath.

"She and he leave the property and she is dressed in her towel and very little else.

"That is where the police are called.

"When they locate Mr Dickson he is very intoxicated, she is so intoxicated that they can barely gain anything from her.

"She is taken back to the address where she falls asleep on the sofa.

"He is arrested on suspicion of that assault. He kicks out at the police officer and makes contact with the thigh."

Richard Mann defending the 31-year-old said it was the brother of the person who owned the flat that took a bath.

"Mr Dickson was desperate for the toilet," he said. "You can only assume that she believes it is him that is in the bath, takes her clothes off and jumps in.

"It seems to me to be nothing more than a comedy of errors the incident in the bathroom."

Dickson was ordered to pay £50 to the police officer.