Woman in Sainsbury's stuns shopper with poignant act of kindness

Random act of kindness gift card

The gift card handed to Lorraine Finch in memory Tobias King, taken at just 22 months old. - Credit: Lorraine Finch

A woman has shared her joy after being handed a gift card in Sainsbury's by a stranger.

Lorraine Finch was shopping in Sainsbury's Great Yarmouth when she was approached by a woman asking if she could give her something.

Although normally she would eye such an offer with suspicion she agreed to take the envelope and carried on with her shopping.

Later, when she opened it, she found a £10 gift card and a poignant message.

Lorraine Finch was handed a random act of kindness in Sainsbury's

Lorraine Finch was stunned to be handed a gift card in Sainsbury's by a stranger. - Credit: Lorraine Finch

Inside a hand-written note said the gift was in memory of Tobias King taken  at just 22 months and was "a little ray of sunshine" aimed at "brightening your day."

Mx Finch said it was a lovely gesture which had indeed been a ray of sunshine, despite being tinged with sadness.

She said she had "absolutely no connection" to the woman and had no idea why she had been selected or how many the lady had handed out.

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The card had been purchased the day before.

She said she wanted to "properly thank" the anonymous woman who had cheered her evening and lifted the spirits of everyone she had told, adding: "It was such a lovely act of kindness. I don't want to keep it for myself so I will probably treat my niece and put some money in a charity box.

"It was a lovely thing to be able to share."