Has the mystery of lights in the Great Yarmouth sky been solved?

mysterious lights filmed in Great Yarmouth

A father and son have shared video footage of mysterious lights in the sky above Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Laurence Harvey

A father and son duo baffled by strange moving lights above Great Yarmouth seem to have found an answer.

Video footage taken by Laurence and Liam Harvey lead to confusion and speculation about what the lights could be after they shared the images and appealed to the public for an explanation.

It prompted other people to share similar footage, including a video from near Carrow Road in Norwich which appears to show the same phenomenon.

The man who shot it on August 14 said he couldn't explain the lights either but excluded the Perseid meteor shower, multiple drones, and stadium lights reflecting off birds.

Mysterious lights have been filmed in they sky above Great Yarmouth

A father and son are looking for help to identify some mysterious lights they filmed in the sky above Great Yarmouth on Monday August 23 at around 9.54pm. - Credit: Laurence Harvey

Other theories from readers include:

Brian: "I think it is probable somebody, or bodies, was playing with projecting strong lights against the clouds to imitate UFOs.

"Many years ago I remember travelling by car through Cambridgeshire and circular lights were being projected in the same way and were encouraged to move as though a group of alien space ships were travelling through our air space. Impressive, and clever, if perhaps foolish.

"I wonder if anybody ever admitted to the exercise?"

UFOs over Great Yarmouth spotted by father and son

A light like 'a ruby red star' has intrigued a father and son in Great Yarmouth. After watching it dart about and change colour, they witnessed a flurry of different 'dancing' lights. - Credit: Laurence Harvey

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Annie: "I watched these lights as well. I live in Walcott, where the sky is quite dark, so it was easy to see them. I couldn't see the colours as they all appeared white to me, but that may be due to the distance away.

"I phoned Norfolk Police about 10.30pm and gave a good description to them, and they suggested various reasons for the lights, but none of them was feasible. I did also video the lights on my phone, but the pictures are not as good, although you can still see the flashing and the 'jumping about' movements.

"I noticed the lights at about 10pm, and they were still in the same spot when I finally went to bed at 3am. You could tell that they weren't part of any star system or even satellite, because the moon and visible stars had moved quite a distance in the sky, but these lights were still in the same spot as five hours before.

"I called my neighbour into her back garden so that she could witness what I was seeing, and she was stunned too. I also managed to video call my sister in Mulbarton and when I pointed my phone to the sky both her and her husband were able to see what I could see."

Rochelle: "Genuinely I have no idea what the second lights are and it would be wonderful to know if anyone else had any ideas, but the first light, 110pc is a sky lantern. 

"As soon as I saw the video I knew it was a sky lantern having let a lot go into the evening sky in the past. We don't see them so much anymore as we are more aware of the dangers they can cause, therefore people tend to let them go over the sea instead. Perhaps this one just made its way inland instead?

"But yes, the single light is a sky lantern, the others.. .well I suppose at the moment they really are UFOs."

Paul: "We have a beach hut in Felixstowe and for the last two days the Americans have been practicing air sea rescue during the day. It has involved a fixed wing aircraft and a hybrid aeroplane/helicopter.

"Several runs have been observed, including dropping parachutists into the North Sea.

"Are the mysterious lights a night time extension of these exercises? It probably makes sense."

However, Danielle in Hemsby believes she has the key to the mystery.

She writes: "I am  currently holidaying in Hemsby and saw these things being let off. They were light up balloons that someone let off from Belle Air Holiday Park. They let one red one off first and then about six mixed coloured of red and green. So definitely not a UFO.

"Sorry to disappoint people."