Yarmouth teddy bear’s globetrotting adventure

GLOBETROTTING teddy Mr Brown has been on every holiday with his doting owner Debra Tough for the last 20 years – and she has all the photos to prove it.

In fact the 8in tall treasured first gift from her husband has been on so many adventures he has his own album of snaps spanning trips to Iceland, Goa, Italy, Norway and Spain among others.

But now the 50-year-old doctor’s receptionist is worried there will be no more pictures of her furry friend in exotic locations – because the well-travelled bear lost his bearings on a local bus.

That he should go missing just a stone’s throw from home in Lawn Avenue, Great Yarmouth, is adding to Mrs Tough’s frustration but also fuelling hopes he could still be safe and possibly snuggling up to someone new.

But despite daily calls to the depot he has yet to be handed in.

His continued disappearance during a treat trip with her little granddaughter Ines, who also has a fondness for Mr Brown, is leading to much soul-searching and sleepless nights.

“He has been everywhere I have been and it is so annoying that I lost him on the bus,” Mrs Tough, said.

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“He is about 8in tall and rather scruffy because he has been through the washing machine several times. His latest attire is a green and yellow ribbon around his neck because we took him to the Norwich City parade. He has sentimental value because he was the first thing my husband gave me 20 years ago.

“It started off just as a funny idea to take him on holiday the first time, and after we had done that we couldn’t not take him. He has his own photo album.

“I have always been very protective of him. This time I had my three-year-old granddaugher Ines and she wanted to go for a bus ride.

“I told her she could pick one toy to take and she picked him. Somehow he just got left behind.

“If somebody has found him it would be a bit heartless to throw him away. He has a real special place in my heart.My husband thinks I’m a bit mad but he knows how much he means to me.”

The humble teddy bear was ‘born’ in 1902 when toy shop owners made a cuddly bear after American president Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt spared the life of a cub while hunting. Today he remains the constant companion for young and old. A timeless favourite his cuddly charms make him continually popular, even against modern inventions such as Teletubbies.

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