Yarmouth twinning concert

THE 55th anniversary of the twinning of Great Yarmouth with the French town of Rambouillet will be marked on Sunday, May 27, with a free choral concert for residents of the borough to enjoy.

The Minster Church of St Nicholas will host the concert – which will see the choir from St Nicholas joined by French choral counterparts from Rambouillet.

Before the concert gets underway at 6pm, residents are invited to witness the re-signing of the twinning charter – once again confirming the relationship that has been built between the two towns.

Also taking place in the Minister, the signing will begin at 5.30pm.

The agreement between the two towns is one of the longest running in the UK, with Great Yarmouth and Rambouillet having become twin towns in 1956.

With the aim that the people and children of the two towns get to know and understand one another better, the Great Yarmouth and Rambouillet Twinning Association has worked hard to foster links between local schools, local residents, and community organisations and groups.

Colleen Walker, Great Yarmouth’s mayor, said: “The visit from civic representatives, members of the choir, and other residents from Rambouillet will be one of the first events of my year in office and I’m very much looking forward to marking the relationship that has been built between the two towns.

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“The twinning arrangement has been running for 55 years – leading to both young and old visiting one another on an annual basis and providing enjoyable cultural and educational learning about the respective locations.

“The re-signing of the agreement will further ensure that the relationship continues for many years to come.”