Yes, we want the ice rink back!

Christmas lights switch on in the Market Place, Great Yarmouth.The Ice Rink.November 2015.Picture: J

Christmas lights switch on in the Market Place, Great Yarmouth.The Ice Rink.November 2015.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

We asked our Facebook readers if the ice rink should come back to the town centre this coming Christmas and new year. And some of the many responses were:

We enjoyed it - Adrian Willis

Nope, is too small and wasn’t well maintained. Good try but not good enough – Marianna Hanutiakova

It was constantly busy and good for the town, yes – Shane Allard

Yes please, with bum pads – Viv Smith

Rather than an outdoor temporary one ... build an indoor permanent one! Would be much better for the town as a whole! And a place for those who wish to go further in the sport! Rather than have two jump warehouses in Norwich and one in Yarmouth – Leah Copland

We should applaud Retroskate for what their youngsters have achieved as reported in the Mercury recently and keep this rink for them, as for an ice rink it seemed popular and people of all ages enjoyed the experience. Whatever it takes to put the Great back into Yarmouth – Janice Bean

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No brainer, surely? Has to happen every year if it was the success story it’s billed as – Daniel Mashford

A permanent one be even better – Paula Clarke

The Winter Gardens would be a perfect year-round venue – Chris Stanley

As I recommended a little while ago, turn the closed Amazonia into a skating rink for residents and visitors with a good chance to hold competitions as well as enticing ice shows along with audience seating and a café and table and chairs inside and outside at rear overlooking the beach and sea! – Tony Pugh

We had a great time, would love to see it return – Kelly Hutchinson

It cost us taxpayers a good packet to have it – Chris Ralph

Yes definitely, it brought custom to the town and local economy, it’s a no brainer really – Mark Jones

My daughter visited a few times, maybe start earlier and finish later. Or a permanent rink, plenty of spaces in the seafront area. Isn’t the original rink still under the Tower ballroom? Lisa M Burman

If there was a way to have a permanent ice rink that would be awesome. Yarmouth needs more family activities – Natasha James

No, took up too much space. If it was shrunk down in size then yes maybe, or moved elsewhere. But slap bang in the middle of the market place made it hard for shoppers to move around – Harry Stedman

The idea of this wasn’t to bring a profit, it was to bring something to the town centre and improve the footfall in the town! Well done for actually putting the town on the map for a change – Sophi Parkes

There should be a permanent ice rink in Yarmouth, the one that was in Yarmouth over Christmas was great fun but could do with being bigger and indoors – Julie Greenwood

Yes, along with a Christmas market and anything else that can brighten up the town centre. Let last year just be the start – Kevin Francis