A boxer from Great Yarmouth topped the bill at the home of the sport in England and won his ninth successive bout. 

Mikie Webber-Kane appeared at the prestigious York Hall in London in front of an army of Norfolk fans.  

His defeat of the tough and rugged Darryl Tapfuma has taken the 24-year-old into the top 20 boxers in his weight in the UK. 

Webber-Kane, who trains under the wing of Yarmouth’s Tony Norman and Norwich’s Graham Everett, got off to a great start with his jab and ringcraft.

As the fight went on and his opponent tried to land his powerful shots, Webber-Kane worked his jab and worked the body with his own punches.  

The power shot started to slow down Tapfuma with Webber-Kane taking clear charge of the fight.  

With a great display of boxing and professionalism, he won the fight 59-55, which means he is now ranked number 16 in the UK. 

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Great Yarmouth Mercury: Mikie Webber-Kane, 24, with his training team. Mikie Webber-Kane, 24, with his training team. (Image: Supplied by Tony Norman)

Norman, who runs Spartans Boxing Club in Great Yarmouth, and Everett were both very happy with the performance with both agreed Webber-Kane really showed his class and is not far off area titles in the near future

Everett said: “I’m really pleased with Mikie’s performance against a strong, big punching dangerous and aggressive opponent. 

“He really showed the skill set and boxing brain he possesses. Performances like last night are pushing Mikie closer to the ultimate goal of championship fights, so there will be plenty of negotiation going on over the next few days and weeks and we will look to provide Mikie with the best opportunities possible.” 

Everett also gave a special thank you to all the “superb” fans who made the journey to London. 

In May, Webber-Kane defeated Stockport’s Sam Melville by knockout, and in April he beat Christian Narvarez, with both fights also happening at York Hall. 

The boxer wanted to thank all his supporters and sponsors.